1st in Eternity ~ Change Your Life Forever

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Date(s) - 10/14/2018 - 11/25/2018
9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Dreams Life & Wellness Center


An eternally unique program that identifies, unlocks and empowers attendees to engage innate abilities that exist within all human beings to fully heal from whatever they seek to heal from, to consciously create whatever they desire to be, to do or to have in their lives and to truly live the life of your dreams- without limits- is now available and within your reach.

Each and every human being is ever so much more than most understand themselves to be, and like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz the abilities that innately exist within each of us are far beyond that which most are aware of.

and as there is no such thing as an accident it is no coincidence this opportunity has found its way to you at this exact moment in your life.

It would be one experience to find these truths in an ancient text taught by scholars; it will be quite another experience to learn of, explore and dive deeply into each of them with one who has identified, explored and progressively integrated each of these timeless, ageless eternal truths into his life, so much so that he is truly living and ever more fulfilling the life of his dreams.

Led by Erik Swenson, Founder and Director of Dreams Life & Wellness Center Erik will clearly articulate each of the eternal truths and move through them in multi-faceted manners that will assist all in assimilating these concepts into their awareness. This will include his sharing of life stories and experiences from his life as well as others he has witnessed and/or shared with others.

Erik will also share a range of clarifying insights and perspectives relative to these truths to enable and empower attendees to consciously engage these limitless abilities within them in manners that are in alignment with the desires they seek to experience in their lives.

Imagine for a moment that you had made a list of all you desired to experience in your list 10 years ago- and that you have since experienced every single thing on that list- and so very many more that you have since added too. This is Erik’s story, one of many pieces he will share with you, often including the virtually unfathomable, synchronistic pathways that led to the blessings on his list coming to be.

And as he has since added the desire to assist ever more throughout the world in awakening to these eternal truths and becoming empowered to engage them to create and truly live the life of their dreams we could not be more pleased or grateful to offer this life enriching opportunity to you.

An especially enlightened friend of us all once spoke of giving a person a fish or teaching them how to fish themselves. The opportunity to consciously create your life exactly as you desire now rests within your awareness and will take no more than a simple “yes” for it to become your reality.

The additional sessions of this program will include Sundays Oct. 28, Nov. 11, Nov. 25 and a special evening event and reception will be scheduled to follow.

Ridiculously reduced event pricing of $497 (80% off) will be available through September 30, pricing of $997 (60% off)  will be available for advance purchses in October, full event pricing of $2,497 will be charged at the door. No refunds; in the event of extenuating circumstances credit paid for this program can be applied to subsequent sessions of same program (future event pricing may vary).

E-mail Erik with questions or for more information relative to this opportunity to live the life of your dreams.