Dreams Team Members


Linda Kiriakopoulos Frank

Dreams Director, Event and Program Leader & Practitioner


Linda Kiriakopoulos Frank, E-CYT300, BA Psychology, Child Psychology
Linda is a Certified Yoga Instructor, who graduated and holds her 200 hour though FYB Yoga (Feel Your Best) Yoga, which is recognized through Yoga Alliance. She also has hundreds of continuous hours of teaching, training and education, and has been teaching for over 10 years which makes her an Experienced Yoga Teacher, (E-CYT). FYB Yoga is an eclectic mix of 3 disciplines of the Krishnamacharya lineage; Iyengar Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and Viniyoga. FYB also focus on pain management and Yoga Therapy.

Linda also has her bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a children’s emphasis, which is tied into her own business, OSY (Ocean Shore Yoga). OSY teaches private and group yoga to many demographics including adults, children and even Dog Yoga! She also teaches a variety of different types of Yoga, such as Aerial, pre-natal, partner, hot Yoga and Paddle Board Yoga.  Linda has been studying the physical practice of yoga since 1997, but has been involved with the overall practice long before that.

The idea of her yoga teaching is that it is accessible to all. It is very non-intimidating and individualized. So regardless of where you at in your practice; beginner, intermediate, advanced, old or young, medical conditions or pregnancy; there are modifications or advancements that can be done to suit any person as an individual.

Linda is also an avid professional photographer, who photographs all occasions including the beautiful art of yoga.