Holistic kinesiology is a modality with great breadth and depth that uses feedback from your own body to gain greater understanding of your problem/s and to guide the practitioner to the best solution for you. Kinesiology is a very broad form of complementary medicine, encompassing many aspects of both Western and traditional medicine.

Virtually every area of complementary medicine can be used, including acupressure, nutrition, chiropractic, blood and lymph reflexes, various forms of counselling, homeopathy, traditional Tibetan and Indian medicine, reflexology, and aromatherapy. What is unique to kinesiology is the use of manual muscle-monitoring feedback to provide understanding and an appropriate solution to the client’s issue.



Dr. Drew McMillen

Dr. Drew offers a wholistic health care model with emphasis on inner perspective and modifying the subconscious so it is an asset to point of view rather than an adverse bias.

The entire process is based in Applied and Clinical Kinesiology and with degrees in Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Homeopathy, as well as being certified in Bio-cranial Therapy and Color Therapy, Dr. Drew offers this healing modality to help you Let Go and embrace and be guided by, a new Viewpoint.

85.00/half hour

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