About Dreams Life & Wellness Center

It’s been said that life is a journey and we could not agree more; and yet we are well aware it is one we have great ability to influence… far  more than most are aware of…

Life does not happen to us; instead life happens in direct alignment with the manner in which we dance with it, engage in it, energetically align with it.

Spiritual woo woo? To the contrary, from Jesus to Einstein to Socrates to Henry Ford and more many have understood the clear correlation between the way we interact with the world and the way our lives unfold in response.

The essence of what we do at Dreams Event & Wellness Center today is to provide the opportunity to create lifelong memories for our guest hosts, and provide programming to assist people in moving from where they are to wherever they want to be relative to any aspect of their life—without limitation.

How We Help (our mojo)

As the universe of physical existence is eternally conspiring to create what we desire a key role of Dreams is to explain how it is we communicate what we desire into the universe, for each who becomes of these basic eternal principles of physical existence becomes empowered to create and live the life of their dreams.

We are far more than most realize; the life force that exists within all that exists in physical form exists within us too and there really are no limits to what we can be, do, have or experience in our lives once we become familiar with these concepts and enabled to consciously engage them in our lives.

The Dreams events, programs and services also serve as wonderful training wheels as well, for they not only assist you in defining your dreams yet also in navigating all that comes along your pathway as the dreams you desire come to be.

Time to let the cat out of the bag here- totally cool it is to know the ability to live the life of your dreams exists innately within us all…the 1st step to which rests in doing something different today that feels as if it could be helpful in your life journey…

And by the way…thank you for ROCKING IT

…your life that is—eternally unique throughout eternity you are—the world would not be what it is without YOU being exactly who you are in it… let alone the person you will choose to be tomorrow…and the day after that…and all the days after that one too…

In love and appreciation of you exactly as you are and of the journey you are choosing in each new day,

Dreams Life and Wellness Center

We share insights to assist you in freeing you from them

The ability to live our Dreams exists within us all;

all that we offer is to assist YOU in living yours