Tricia enjoys helping people discover for themselves how to release muscle tension and pain.  She graduated from Integrative Yoga Therapy (200 hour) and taught yoga from 2001-2015.  She also practiced Thai Massage/passive yoga movement. Tricia felt like her body was increasingly adding tightness, and pain was limiting her sleep, comfort and being able to do the activities she loved.  After a long exploration of every stretch and movement she learned in her studies, she found relief from a Somatic Movement YouTube video.  4 years later, Tricia has completed the coaching program and Clinical Somatic Movement Educator program from Essential Somatics.  According to Tricia, “We are masters at contracting muscles.  We do it when we exercise, when we push, pull and stretch.  We do it when life challenges us, but learning how to soften and release muscles is foreign.  It is a skill that is resurfacing and becoming more important to people who want to live rich, full, active lives and I enjoy helping people rediscover the art of creating soft lengthening and mobility.”  Tricia also teaches yoga mudra & meditation classes.