Dreams Team Members

Adriley Roman

Born and Raised in Venezuela. Passionate and knowledgeable dance instructor with over 10 years of dance experience.  She began at a very young age, always creating, choreographing for younger kids at school and studying in different traditional dance community programs. Then formed and trained by “Venezuelan Nationalist Dances”.  Over the years, expanding her career getting certifications in Music, Dance and Theater at   “Centro de Estudios Latinoamericanos Rómulo de Gallegos”.

Now living in Waukesha, WI. Regularly performing for recognized dance company “Panadanza” in Milwaukee. Also, teaching and acquiring fine, exclusive and specialized education from; professional historians, anthropologist, and dancers of origin, about different traditions and culture of America Latina and el Caribe.

Adrilein believes that dance is a vital vitamin in life; “dance has been my teacher, my healer, my heartbeat, ever always revealing me the dignity, beauty and strength in the cultural heritage of my people, as an important part of the great heritage of all mankind”.