Dreams Team Members


Erik Swenson 

Dreams Founder, Event and Program Leader & Practitioner


Passionate… inspiring… deeply caring of all… intriguingly insightful…playful… exceptionally adept at identifying perspectives capable of unlocking the limitless abilities within them and articulating them in clear, positive and supportive language that empowers all who choose to experience the aspects of their life they desire differently…

Each of us is as unique as we are gifted and the blend of each of the above, the expansive life experiences and world travels Erik has experienced, his pursuit and exploration of the essence of humanity, life and paradigms of the past and today, his profound inner-connectedness, peace, awareness and his soulful desire to assist others in creating and living the life of their dreams together uniquely position Erik to be the Founder and Director of Dreams Life & Wellness Center, as well as a presenter and practitioner of the ever expanding events, programs and services Dreams offers.

Erik has maintained an intentful balance since long before the words of how to do so existed within him, he was raised in Western perspectives, he spent decades of his life deeply immersed in the Christian faith and he has achieved an ever expanded richness in his life by recognizing the alignment of Eastern spiritual perspectives of love, gratitude, peace, the Oneness in which all exist and the ability each of us has to create the lives we desire with the life and teachings of Jesus and Buddha and so many others and choosing to live his life in harmony with these perspectives.

Add to this Erik’s 30+ year career as a business person and entrepreneur, 20+ years of leadership of church youth programs, 20 more as the coach of his sons and more recently his granddaughter’s soccer teams, 25+ years as a Reiki healing practitioner, 10 years as a Certified Life Coach, a multi-decade background of speaking, leading and/or presenting at literally hundreds of programs, events and workshops focused on improving the lives of those in attendance and it becomes clear Erik’s background, life experiences and inner alignment uniquely position him to be of potential benefit to others.

Erik truly believes that “We are never any further than a single perspective away from experiencing whatever aspect of our life we desire differently”; the sharing of such perspectives and walking with people through their life journeys are two of the key elements of all of the events, programs and services provided by Erik and others at Dreams Life & Wellness Center toward the goal of assisting participants in truly living the life of their dreams.

As there’s no such thing as an accident, as you have found your way to this website perhaps one or more Dreams experiences with Erik or others could be the catalyst to achieving whatever it is you desire in your life.