Energy Healing

Energy Healing

People have found healing in holistic energy based practices in alignment with the natural state of well-being that exists within every person for thousands of years.

While all are welcome to seek healing in whatever ways they desire the essence of Energy Healing is rooted in the awareness science has confirmed today that we are beings of energy far more than mass, and as such the ability to connect with, interact with, support and/or revitalize the natural energy systems within us all to assist each individual in returning to the state of health and well-being we desire.

Energy Healing

John Stuart

John Stuart is a published author, speaker, facilitator of self discovery, sound alchemist and expert in the field of Vibrational Therapy.


Vibrational Medicine, Holistic Wellness, Self-Discovery, Emotional Trauma, Sacred Partnership/ Spiritual Intimacy

 This path has ultimately led to inspiring and effective work with my clients, creating personal connections allowing clients to remember the fullness of their truth, and to recognize the healing YES that is revealed.  The core healing modality I implement is the eMotion technique, and it is the guiding force that leads clients to a clear and gentle understanding of their inner-truth; untangling the energetic and subconscious constriction within our mind and body at a core level, loosening the intensity of belief patterns that no longer serve us and provide an opening for us to remember and return to a state of harmony, natural vibrancy and complete state of well-being.

I have guided and facilitated thousands of meaningful life transformations, providing portals to growth in the physical, spiritual and emotional realms.  I have found that eliminating the constrictions of the past is the most direct route to experiencing the kind of life that we all desire, even though we may not believe it to be possible.  My life’s work is truly my greatest passion.  While I hold the professional credentials of a degree in Holistic Health and Spiritual Care, advanced studies in Sound Healing and Vibrational Medicine, Shamanic Practice as well as being a Certified Life Coach; it is my LIFE and its many lessons that have provided me with the greatest education.

These life experiences gave birth to my first book, It All Begins With You, which propelled me into radio appearances, guest blogs, seminars, webinars and sharing the stage with fellow speakers, activists and musicians around the globe to share the message of “Love Amplified”.  This love is there for me and it is there for you – always present and fully abundant.  All we have to do is remember that we are the gift.  No matter the situation or circumstance, we possess within us all of the tools and resources we need to overcome and align with all that we are meant to be.

I look forward to being of service!

$125 for 1 Hour and 30 Minutes

To Schedule: Click here to schedule a One on One Healing Session with John

While all Dreams Events, Programs and Experiences assist people in expanding their alignment the primary focus of the following Dreams experiences is to help people create the healing they desire in their lives:

Silent Meditation and Healing Events:

These monthly Sunday morning group events begin with a brief introduction, the hour long Meditation and Healing experience is held in silence as Erik shares healing and loving energies with the group while participants remain fully at rest as meditative music plays softly in the background. Those who wish are welcome to remain for an optional additional half-hour, they are welcome to remain in silence during this time of reflection or to share in a discussion with Erik and others if they desire.

  • Exchange: These events are being offered on a free will basis
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  • Registration at the Door is also welcome

Energy Healing

Erik Swenson

Erik become a practitioner of Reiki Healing in 1990, of Reconnective Healing® in 2010 and he has shared in-person 1:1 and Group Healing experiences in the US and 6 other countries as well as remotely with others throughout the world throughout these years. The Healing he shares today is rooted in both of these complimentary practices and guided by the intuitive direction Erik senses in each of the Healing experiences he shares.

Common feedback from is that these experiences are profoundly peaceful, many feel a release of what no longer serves them, most all sense themselves to be in a deeply relaxed state as the session is complete and sense far greater clarity in their life in the days that follow.

Sessions are 1 hour in length, they begin with brief focus on what the individual seeks to experience, continue with Erik healing energies in a hands off (no touch) manner and they conclude with any reflections the individual chooses to share and gentle insights from Erik based upon thoughts he has received and/or perspectives that can assist the individual in continuing to experience the healing they desire.

Exchange: Erik’s 1:1 Healing Session rate is $140 per session, most of which run  for an hour or slightly more.

To Schedule: Click here to schedule a One on One Healing Session with Erik 


The ability to live our Dreams exists within us all;

all that we offer is to assist YOU in living yours