Ecstatic Dance

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Date(s) - 01/25/2019
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Dreams Life & Wellness Center


Dreams Ecstatic Dance


Phones, shoes and egos are checked at the door and our spirit is set free on the dance floor!

Many people don’t dance outside of a nightclub or without being under the influence – this is where Dreams Ecstatic Dance shakes things up a bit.  

Dreams Ecstatic Dance Hosts hold a safe and sacred space to loosen, release control and let the music move you in a freeform expression of ecstatic bliss. 

We open with an intentional meditation and go over a few housekeeping rules which serve more as guidelines:

No parking on the dance floor… ok, no talking on the dance floor.

This is a sacred and safe space.  Please honor and respect others.

Move freely and continuously.  This is a judgment-free space.

Then… the music begins!  Evolving from ambient soundscapes into high energy dance rhythms – clapping, stomping, primal movements, flowing, whistling, smiling, energy rising – the music takes over and the endorphins rush, sweat beads and we disengage from our mind and move through our heart!  Ahhh yes!  After the peak, we begin to descend into a restorative meditation integrating the joy, celebration and ecstasy of the experience.  Renewed and revitalized. 

“It is an incredibly liberating and community-building experience where the focus is on the people, moving together and releasing to unite all dancers together in a tribe-like bond.”

We know it doesn’t take a doctor to prescribe it, though…  Ecstatic Dance is not only an amazing workout – it is a transformative, holistic healing experience.

“Doctors are recognizing the enormous benefits of dance and free-form expression and its effects on raising serotonin levels which can increase self-esteem and body image and can build cardiovascular strength and endurance, whilst reducing depression and anxiety.”


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