Of Breath and Bone: Transformational Full Day Soulshop

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Date(s) - 11/16/2019
9:00 am - 4:30 pm


Wholly Merging the Spirit Self & the Physical Self for Phenomenal Aliveness

“There is no division. There is only the practice of it.”
~ The Marys

We are living in a time where the practice of division is growing more and more transparent and more and more destabilizing for humanity as a whole and for humans as individuals. And… each one of us has within us a Truth of connection and absolute awareness that there is no real division – that we are each and all of the Oneness. We each flow from that which is of the love that is the marrow of Creator.

Eradicating the Practice of Division in humanity begins with profoundly and richly aligning within yourself and activating the sacred merging and equal valuing of your Breath (Spirit Self) and Bone (Physical Self).

Join us for this life and world transforming day!

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This day will be soaked in insight and awareness of who you are in your original essence as an undivided Being within yourself, as you move together with the whole of humanity and in your continuous connection with Source. The Marys will move with you to stir open the delicious natural weaving of your Spirit Self and Physical Self activating your full flow and harmony with the soil of your soul.

Secrets of the Breath…
Breath is the gateway to greater peace and connection to spirit, and Ragani will share powerful breath awareness tools to awaken an understanding and self-mastery for greater peace and balance in your life. Discover the keys to quieting the mind and calming the body and step into a greater connection to your Source.

Diving Deeper…
Continuing in the energy of the movement of your breath, The Marys will dive deeply into who you are as Breath and Bone exploring the physical and ethereal nature of your breath and Self as a whole – undivided – a oneness moving in rhythm with all of the moving parts of the Universe, physical and non-physical. They will move to assist you with identifying and shedding any limiting practices that result in practices of division within you and between you and all you move with and desire to move with in your life.

Guided Meditation…
For the finale of our day together, we will gather to experience a guided meditation led by Ragani. This special meditation will be designed to integrate the teachings and awakenings from the day’s program and to return you to that deeper spiritual connection within.

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$229 at the door if space is available

*Lunch is on your own – There are many great places within walking distance

So excited to have you join us for this amazing day!

Contact Jacque Nelson at info[at]themarygroup.com or ragani[at]raganiworld.com with any questions.