Julie Szyba
Herbal Alchemist, Flower Whisperer,
Midwife to the Soul 
Connected with the beauty, rhythm, and vibrations of nature, Julie is a weaver of all things sacred. Being called to support the highest in all, she is a channel for the poetic expression of flowers, plants, and the varied gifts of this earth.
Julie’s life is one of service. She is both alchemist and midwife to the soul.  She listens to the earth’s messages, as well as the needs of the body and mind to enhance balance, inner joy and love. The synergy behind her work offers a powerful and soothing caress of the Divine, supporting you in becoming your most authentic whole Self.
Julie leads women’s circles, healing experiences and retreats with sacred intention and bringing beauty and depth to the art of ritual. 
Creating inspiring activities for inner exploration, Julie channels divine love and acceptance; bringing beauty and depth into the realms of community, personal well-being, and the awakening of soul-wisdom.
In her willingness to be still and listen deeply, Julie is a messenger of the elements; a messenger for the Spirit that resides in All.  Her passion for connection and healing is infused in everything she does. Through grounded presence, focused intention and a reverence for growth, she helps to both illuminate and tend to the roots of belonging.