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Nick Frank 

Astrologer & Intuitive Coach


Have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions?

  • WHO AM I?
  • What I am doing here in this existence?
  • What is THE PURPOSE of this earthly experience?
  • What is MY PURPOSE and who am I here to become?

Five years ago, I set the intention to understand these questions for my own life.

Setting that intention and planting that seed set me on a path of self-discovery, transformation and a spiritual awakening which placed me on a roller coaster ride pushing me to the edges of my comfort zone.

During this process, by using astrology as a tool for self-discovery, I became aware of my unhelpful patterns and outdated beliefs that were keeping me feeling stuck and trapped.  This deeper understanding has allowed me to become more aligned with my truest most authentic self.

During this same timeframe, I learned how to connect deeply with my own intuition.  Learning how to listen to my heart and to trust and believe in the answers that I was receiving.  Even when my mind was telling me otherwise due to fear, I was able to make tough decisions based on my heart and intuition that continue to align me with my passion and purpose.

I also went through a process of releasing trapped emotions from the past that I never allowed an outlet prior to this awakening.  I use a combination of energy, breathwork and intention to allow these emotions to come forth and release.  This process has allowed me to become more vulnerable and transparent and open my heart.

And ultimately, I came to understand my purpose which includes helping others to answers these questions for themselves for their own self-transformation by sharing the concepts, experiences and practical action steps taken on my own journey of self-discovery.

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