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Noel Manikham

Noel Manikham, is an intuitive psychic medium and Reiki Energy Healing Practitioner. Noel’s warm and natural approach makes you feel like you’re sitting with a friend sharing a relaxed conversation. In her sessions, it feels as if your loved one is sitting in the room with you and are sharing in the experience.

Noel was personally certified as a Psychic Medium by Lisa Williams after attending the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development. Noel is also certified in Reiki Energy Healing, Levels 1 and 2.  Utilizing all of her innate abilities and other tools and techniques to tune deeper into her clients needs, Noel offers readings and energy healing sessions.  

We are honored to have Noel share her gifts at Dreams!

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Energy Healing

People have found healing in holistic energy based practices in alignment with the natural state of well-being that exists within every person for thousands of years.

While all are welcome to seek healing in whatever ways they desire the essence of Energy Healing is rooted in the awareness science has confirmed today that we are beings of energy far more than mass, and as such the ability to connect with, interact with, support and/or revitalize the natural energy systems within us all to assist each individual in returning to the state of health and well-being we desire.

The ability to live our Dreams exists within us all;

all that we offer is to assist YOU in living yours