Zumba with Damaris

Over 15 million people throughout the world participate in Zumba each and every week and Dreams is especially grateful to share the gift of Zumba woth YOU!
The key to understanding Zumba is that it is about FUN first, FITNESS second and that no one is watching –
we’re just here to have fun with you! With our style of
Zumba at Dreams we make sure each person who participates knows they are welcome to do so at a level that is right for them. There is no race to win or competition with another; the winning for us comes in smiles and health and enjoying life ever more with each Zumba experience we share!
Zumba is the most commonly practiced form of Zumba throughout the world allows everyone from beginners to seasoned Zumba veterans to participate at the level of activity they prefer. No dance experience is needed to participate and you will be AMAZED as to how nicely your movement and dance stills will expand as Zumba continues to unfold in your life.
One of the greatest highlights of our Zumba program is our teacher, Damaris Swenson Martinez, who came all the way from Nicaragua to share the gifts of Zumba with YOU! Truth be told there was one other reason she came from Nicaragua (hint- her last name didn’t used to have the Swenson in it).
Damaris is as kind as she is patient, as fun and enthusiastic as she is supportive and all who attend will receive the highest quality Zumba experience possible-meaning you’ll have lots of fun, feel better about yourself and have more energy for life!

Damaris offers Zumba:
Thursdays 4:00 – 5:00 p.m.
Saturdays: 10:30 – 11:30 a.m.

Classes are $7 each, unlimited monthly membership is only $28
No membership is necessary.
El español se habla aquí también!Zumba