Animals & Earth Wisdom Workshop Series

Dreams and Life Wellness Center Welcomes
Jill Militzer ~ Holistic Energy PractitionerBalance your Energy, Balance your Life
Spirit Chi

Being a writer while also having certifications in Reiki, Animal Reiki,
and Shamanism, Jill offers a variety of classes, workshops, and
sessions regarding spiritual energy, or Spirit Chi.
Feeling good is all about balance, balance between our spiritual self
and physical body. Like a protective egg, the Aura includes the Chakra
system which encapsulates our mental, emotional, and physical
energies to create our personal support system. Holistic modalities
such as Reiki, Shamanism, and Meditation directly correlates with our
Chakras, and can help us to identify current roadblocks in our life, clear
stagnant energy, and pave the way for future goals to manifest. With
the assistance of Spirit Guides, Ancestral Helpers, Archangels, and
Animal Totems, Spirit Chi also helps us to listen more with our heart,
aligns us with our spiritual self, and creates room for enlightenment to
occur. If this information resonates with you, contact Jill today for
further information about how you can sign up for a class, workshop, or
schedule a session because… It’s all about Spirit Chi!

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Balance your Energy, Balance your Life

➢ Animals in Nature Signs & Symbols Workshop
○ $45/person
○ Did you know nature is constantly giving us assistance within our daily
lives? It’s true! We must only pause to listen to the sounds, hear the
messages, and see the signs. Maybe it’s the song of the Blue Jay
reminding us of our independent attitude, or the industrious squirrel isteaching us to plan for a long winter, or maybe the wise willow is

sending helpful energy toward our home. Whatever the signs and
symbols, the messages are as close as peeking out the window or
opening the back door. Nature is our constant teacher… calming us
down in a chaotic world. This is a fun workshop, offering delightful
reminders to put your feet to the earth, touch the trees, and listen to the
drumbeat of our glorious planet!

➢ Animal Totem & Oracle Card Reading Workshop
○ $75/person
○ Animal Totems align us with our Highest Self by integrating the qualities
of their essence through journeying . Our Animal Totem sees what
potential we have, and helps us with personal, or professional goals,
love relationship issues, or the relationship with one’s self. Animal
Totems are the keepers of wisdom closest to earth, and rely on the
principles of the Shaman to guide us through the terrain of worlds
unseen. Learning how to read Animal Totem Oracle Cards enhances
intuition while offering important daily guidance and healing. No special
skills or previous experience needed to attend this fun and interactive