Dreams Team Members


Dr. Drew McMillen

For the last thirty years Dr Drew has been practicing alternative health care based soundly on the kinesiology model and other holistic tenets. He was fortunate to have studied under the main founders of this work, George Goodheart and Alan Beardall.

Dr. McMillen has studied many disciplines that are all part of the kinesiological dialog, holding degrees in Chiropractic, Acupuncture, and Homeopathy. He has traveled to Germany to learn the science of Biological Medicine and Functional Medicine. His practice has always adhered to the notion of Wholistic Health Care, incorporating a mosaic of various modalities from the realm of Structural, Biochemical, Psycho-emotional, Allopathic, Energetic / Informational, disciplines. Most recently, he has included what he feels are two equally important systems, the utilization of Quantum Physics and its principles of Law of Attraction, and the inquiry into the status of ones Genetics as it applies to Epigenetics therapies and Methylation.

Viewpoint Wellness, reflects an important principle of emphasis, that ones inner Point of View, a product of the subconscious and deep seeded belief systems, will contribute to the process of ones health either favorably or unfavorably. Dr. McMillen is committed to helping his patients attain a point of inner perspective that empowers them to be very much in charge of their own health. When we reclaim the skill of being able let go of prospective that is Mal-adaptive and no longer serves us, we make available a revived inner disposition that not only naturally exudes optimal health, but also allows for the enlightened self to animate our very beingness.

Dr. McMillen is pleased to be a part of the Dreams Life and Wellness Center and contribute to such a dynamic and integrative endeavor, committed to the the health and well being for all those that are drawn to participate.