In 2008 an unexpected ‘appointment with the Universe’ propelled me out of the courtroom and on a quest journeying the World in search of Truth.
It seemed I shed business suits for Thai pants because everywhere I traveled, Yoga was there waiting for me.
I’ve been humbled to learn and study with Shamans in Peru, an Aboriginal Elder in Australia, A Swami in Thailand and too many more to mention.  I’m equally humbled by the great Yoga teachers I’ve had in Bali, Thailand and most recently Rishikesh, where I completed my 2nd 200-hour teacher training with Rishikesh YogPeeth.
As Yoga is Unity of mind, body and spirit, I seek that my classes are similarly syncretic, allowing feathers of wisdom from many ancient teachings.
I enjoy teaching an eclectic Hatha class suitable for all. My class is a playground where growth of the physical and spiritual self be encouraged and sought.
Yoga is for Everybody and everybody.
Scott, along with Nikki Estes, are the owners of Santosha Yoga & Ayurveda.